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Equal parts comedy and tragedy, “Bacon” is a modern, humanist, reinterpretation of the biblical story of Job, expressed through one man's relationship with a pot belly pig.

After losing his fiancee, a Wall Street technologist retreats to the country with his daughter to rediscover his emotional and spiritual self, while preparing for a coming economic doomsday. He's helped along the way by a rescued pig and a former burlesque performer now farming marijuana on an adjacent lot.

A Journey of Love, Loss, & Understanding

The Full Story



Rising star Jim Egbuna (African American, 30s) has just launched a new stock market skimming co-located server system for his company market masters when tragedy strikes. Rachel, his future wife and mother of his daughter (Bella), is killed in a car accident. The shock of loss and the irrational exuberance he sees in the market causes Jim to conclude that an apocalyptic economic meltdown is in the wind. He purchases a remote plot in the farm lands of northern New York. He finds in the adjacent plot Savanna a retired burlesque dancer from LA turned marijuana grower. The 12-year-old daughter Bella, in the midst of discovering her sexuality, quickly befriends Savanna. Bella continually attempts to pull her father down the dietary enlightenment path Savanna is leading her on. Jim's relationship to food, in particular meat, begins to shift when he saves a wounded pig, whom he gives the name 'Bacon'. Bella accelerates the pigs integration into their family by inviting the pig into the house and training him to do tricks. One prominent trick Bella teaches bacon is to fetch her pocketbook by saying the word ‘pocket’. Jim and Savanna's rocky start to their relationship turns to a budding romance, as Jim helps her fix up a junked Winnebago RV that she has big plans to travel in.


Just as Jim's analysis of the economy shows a catastrophic crash is days away; his master plan to use his deceased fiancee's retirement fund to short the market is foiled. Rachel’s mother Alice is listed as primary beneficiary on the account (over Jim). Becoming aware of the account she drains it before Jim can make his move. Jim rushes back to New York City to confront Alice who is the former CFO of Jim's old company and on the advisory board of the Federal Reserve. Alice demands her granddaughter's return to New York while giving Jim speech extolling the virtues of the 'divine right of capital' reminiscent of Ned Beatty's 'laws of nature' monologue from Network.



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While Jim is flying back to the farm; Bella, who is biking to school to avoid bullies on the school bus, it struck by a logging truck and killed. Alice having hired a private investigator is aware that Savanna growing pot on her property. Blaming Jim for Bella's death Alice reports Savanna the DEA and she is promptly arrested. Having nothing left Jim is about to kill Bacon and turn the gun on himself. In his final moments he utters the words 'fuck it' but to Bacon it sounds like 'pocket'. Jim takes pause, as the pig returns with his daughter's belonging. Inside the pocketbook he finds her cell phone. Turning it on he quickly finds his daughter's last video message recorded to him while he was in New York. The video message shows his daughter performing a ukulele version of a modest mouse song Float On. Touched by his daughters encouraging message from the grave Jim finds the strength to go on. Savanna is released from prison as the prison guards watch news of the financial meltdown underway on their TV. She exits to find Jim waiting for her with her now restored Winnebago RV. Jim, Savanna, and Bacon drive off to an uncertain, but hopeful, future.

Production Team

Writer/Director/Producer : MIchael Tosner 

Director/Producer : Evgeniya Radilova 

Producer : Laura Ramirez De Arellano

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